Boosting Debt Repayment

Empowering debtors to make timely payments, strengthening creditor financial success.
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The Benefits

Focus on growth
Focus on growth
With a 90% reduction in accounts receivable related tasks, you can focus on growing your businesses instead of chasing existing debtors.
Get paid faster
Get paid faster
Accelerate the O2C process by 34% using automated SMS and email communications with payment links to scale your business effortlessly.
Empower debtors
Empower debtors
Empower debtors with weekly repayments, offering vouchers, and job opportunities for a comprehensive path towards financial freedom.
Success fee only
Success fee only
Improve your cashflow position from day one with zero risk. We only charge you when invoices get paid.
Key Features

How We Do It

Automated Reminders
Automated Reminders
Boost invoice visibility and payment likelihood with timely reminders. We utilize SMS, WhatsApp, and Email for effective prompts when action is most likely.
Digital Payments
Digital Payments
Allowing your debtors to pay instantly through Credit Card, e-Wallets, and FPX makes it easy for them to pay their outstanding debts with you immediately.
Positive Reinforcement
Positive Reinforcement
Sharing services, compliments, and vouchers with debtors fosters willingness to repay debts effectively.
Micro Repayments
Micro Repayments
Empower debtors with flexible weekly repayments of smaller amounts, encouraging the freedom to increase amounts at will fostering healthy payment habits.
User Experience
User Experience
Whether it be your debtor paying from their phone or computer without any fuss, or you checking your latest payment data, the experience is always seamless.

Our Clients

  • Andeed Ma

    Andeed Ma

    President, RIMAS

    “Ara's professional reminders and embedded payment links effortlessly recovered fees overdue by up to 3 years, fostering efficient database cleanup in the process.”
  • Devin Wong

    Devin Wong

    MD, Omegaden Dental

    “After using Ara's collection services, we successfully collected our outstanding bad debts, some of which had been overdue for months or even years, in a matter of days.”
  • Kamal Ahmad

    Kamal Ahmad


    “Ara's exceptional feat: persuading debtors, responsible for over 10% of PaySlowSlow's NRLs, to initiate repayments, surpassing other debt collection companies.”
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Loved by users worldwide

  • Nur F. S.

    Nur F. S.

    Debtor Unemployed

    “Ara really helped me out with my debts. We discussed, and Ara was able to offer me a payment plan that fits my financial situation. I appreciate how they helped clear my debts.”
  • Komala V.

    Komala V.

    Debtor New mother

    “I have recently given birth and am facing some financial challenges. Ara was able to give me a payment plan that suits my budget. It really helped me out of my situation.”

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